Clarification: School Calendar and Remembrance Day |

Clarification: School Calendar and Remembrance Day

The school division has received a number of inquiries regarding Remembrance Day and why the current school year calendar does not provide a stat day in-lieu for November 11th, as it falls on a Saturday.  Here’s some clarification around Remembrance Day and when a statutory day will be considered.

  1. As Remembrance Day lands on a Saturday in the 2017 calendar, all staff and families can still attend the annual ceremonies.  Alberta Labour Employment Standards (Labour Standards website) do not require a stat holiday in-lieu for Remembrance Day.  Prairie Rose will close schools when November 11th lands on a weekday.
  2. As per the Remembrance Day Act, all Prairie Rose Schools will conduct Remembrance Day ceremonies to show respect for our military history, members (past and present) and Canada’s contribution in all military conflicts and actions.
  3. The school year calendar was approved last fall and posted online (PRSD8 Calendars) for public viewing.  Prior to its approval at a public board meeting, a number of stakeholders, including the Council of School Councils (parents) and School Leaders (principals) were asked to provide feedback and input.  The board of trustees listened to all input prior to approval.